Software Developments

We develop rapid laravel web-based application and Progressive Web Application (PWA) using Vuejs with database management system. We strive to bring the best solution for you.

Intelligent System Solutions

We continue to deliver high quality research and prototypes using traditional AI and Deep Learning techniques. We worked on images and control systems.

Speciallized Trainings

We provides trainings in our expertise fields and also speciallized trainings trough our networks

Educational Consultancies

Through our experts and partners in higher level education, we provide high quality consultancy for curriculum and syllabus developments

Realiable After Sales Support

We are here to listen from you deliver exellence. Not just we develiver high quality software, we also provide high grade after sales support to ensure the system is always at it's best

Company Overview

AISB is set up to give opportunities for academics in UTM with high potential in conducting high technological research to commercialize their expertise and research outputs. AISB is owned partly by UTM’s company UTSB, the academics and one outside investor.

The aim of AISB is to impart years of research experience to develop high technological products which can be used in Malaysia as well as marketed overseas and hence making Malaysia less dependent on overseas products.

AISB is involved in developing software and hardware solutions based on high technologies such as artificial intelligence techniques, automations and vision systems for industries and companies in Malaysia.

Education System Solutions

Apart from that, AISB is involved in developing its own product, mainly concentrating on educational sectors such as laboratory equipments utilizing virtual instrumentations, automatic university timetabling system using genetic algorithms and on line student analysis software using OLAP.

AISB also provides specialized training and short-courses for companies and higher institution as well as providing services as a conference consultant for higher institutions and societies.

Deep Learning Short Course

Join our deep learning short courses to start jump in this interest area. You will get excited as our traininer is a NVIDIA certified trainer and have experience work with real world application.

(Filing & Document Management System)

Lightweight yet simple filing and document management. Manage your physical files and digital has never been easier.

(Tropical Wood Recognition System)

By adapting latest AI techniques,now our system can recognized up to 70 tropichal wood subspecies.

Syariah Compliant Chicken Slaughtering Inspection System

A halal chicken slaughtering inspection system by monitor the cut of esofagus and trachea using vision & AI techniques. Suitable for 6000 birds/hour production. The system comes with reporting and logging modules.

An Intelligent Software for Diagnosis of Power Transformers

Combination of several techniques to perform Dissolved Key Gas(DGA) analyses and give profesional expert advice.

Sistem e-kehadiran

A web-based attendance system integrated with Fingertec Reader. Users can view thier own attendance and enter reason absences, mispunch and shorts. Perfomance and tardiness report can be generated. User can be notified by email.

Intelligent Timetable for University Scheduling System (ITSS)

Managing university timetable can be very tedious job. By using our product, the system will generate the schedule for you with minutes and minimal settings.

Couple Tank - Laboratory Teaching Package

Teaching control system for student can be more effective as student can learn to do modelling, open loop and close loop (PID & Fuzzy Logic) control using real world problem yet easy to understand lab equipments and experiments.

MyfAd – Facebook viral social marketing system

A marketing tool to reward our subscribers to promote your product on facebook platform.

Malaysian License Plate Recognition Software

Automatic license plate recognition system for Malaysian cars.